I am the photographer behind Framing The Planet and I wanted to create a blog that will help all you budding photographers out there. I shall describe to you some of the techniques I have used to create my images and give you the low down on all the essential kit you will need.

Since I started out as a photographer the world has changed beyond all imagination. Can you believe I trained using photographic film! My images were processed onto plates which were then physically pushed, cut and manipulated on a light table. The resulting edited images were then re-photographed using a nifty camera bracket and developed once more. If the resulting plate was acceptable it would then be developed on photographic paper. Should the resulting image be required to be used on a computer it would be sent off to somewhere mysterious where it would be digitised.

No one had heard of digital cameras and peoples phones struggled to make calls, never mind anything else! At the time the only way to take a digital photo was with a digital back on a film camera and a room full of computers. This was only in use by the top fashion photographers and not something anyone else had access to.

Today of course the mobile phone has turned most people into digital photographers and using filter apps such as Instagram some very arty photos have been produced. The purpose of this blog is too show you how to move beyond the mainstream and create much better images using a digital SLR camera. If that’s your bag then this blog is for you!

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