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Hong Kong Harbour at Night

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This view of Hong Kong is known around the world. Captured just as the sun set on the horizon we get an incredible display of purple, pink, red and blue light reflected on the buildings. Standing on the Kowloon side of the harbour we can see Central district with the China Bank building to the left, HSBC building and the more modern IFC above the MTR Central station in the centre fading out towards the international ferry terminal.

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Hong Kong Skyline After Dark

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Once night falls the city of Hong Kong springs to life! The buildings of the Central district are lit with bright neon lights of many colours. Seen here from the Peak you get a real sense of the energy of this city.

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Hong Kong Skyline at Dusk

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Hong Kong captured here just as the sunsets over this modern city! It is said there are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong than New York and this photo certainly supports that. The city seems to go on forever drifting away into the setting sun. The incredible light at this time of day has given us a beautiful display of pinks and purples making this city seem some what other worldly. The city of the future right here for us to see.

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