Well hello there!!

Framing The Planet

Well hello there!!

Welcome to Framing The Planet

Welcome to Framing The Planet, the website that showcases the work of photographer Chris Smith. Chris specialises in night and lowlight photography focusing on urban and rural landscapes. Locations include Hong Kong, Australia, Egypt and London. Images can be purchased as a download or print and shipped from our print centres in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia. 

Trade Secrets, the blog...

I am the photographer behind Framing The Planet and I wanted to create a blog that will help all you budding photographers out there. I shall describe to you some of the techniques I have used to create my images and give you the low down on all the essential kit you will need.

I intend to show you how to move beyond the mainstream and create much better images using a digital SLR camera. If that’s your bag then this blog is for you!

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Our Galleries...

Hong Kong

The Hong Kong gallery contains images from both the Peak and the stunning harbour both in day light and at night time. The views take in Central district including the China Bank, HSBC, International Finance Centre, Central Plaza and the Convention Centre buildings. By day the views of these huge towers are impressive, at night they come alive with hundreds of colours from the light of the setting sun and the illuminations caused by the neon lights Hong Kong is so famous for. The gallery also features images of the Tian Tan ‘Big’ or ‘Giant’ Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau.

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London is a city full of exciting scenes that make for some fantastic images. When I visit the city I spend days wondering the streets looking for interesting architecture to photograph at that moment when the light is just right. London is the urban photographers heaven thanks to the huge variety of buildings and bridges in the city centre. The evening light always seems to fade to quickly and my time doesn’t last long enough to photograph all that the city has to offer.

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Australia, its beaches and urban landscapes. The gallery includes Sydney and the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Sydney Tower. Also some stunning low night photography of Brisbane in the evening with views from the Storey Bridge and the relaxed beauty of the coast around Byron Bay.

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The Dubai Gallery has a selection of images from the stunning emirate of Dubai. Dubai has become accustomed to being the world first at many things now, growing at an amazing pace over the last forty years from a small town to a world city. Dubai now hosts the Worlds Tallest Building Burj Khalifa previously Burj Dubai. This impressive structure stands a staggering 800 metres (2625 feet) and more than 160 stories high.

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The Red Sea

The Red Sea is a stunning landscape for any photographer to visit. I was lucky enough to take a trip to Taba Heights on the Egyptian coastline, here I was blown away by the dramatic rock formations as they collide with the quiet beauty of the Red Sea. The light is different here from anywhere else in the world and creates some magical photographs. 

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Shropshire is possibly the most rural of rural English counties, it is the place that I call home and so I have the luxury of the time to come up with some amazing images that show the character and beauty of the region. Images include the historic market town of Shrewsbury, Iron Bridge in Telford known as the birth place of industry and a selection of country parks and woodlands.

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Early Work

This gallery contains images taken during my early days as a photographer. There are photos from the Maldives, Geneva, Wales and Paris. The phots were taken as I experimented and developed my skills as a photographer producing some fantastic results. 

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