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Framing the Planet is the home of travel and nature photo art produced by professional photographer Chris Smith. Included are images from locations such as Australia, Egypt and London to name but a few.

We have selected the finest quality printers in the UK & EU, United States & Canada and Australia allowing us to offer photo art available in your currency and printed where you are. Visit the Gallery and order your picture as either a Download, Fine Art, Framed or Canvas Print.


The Gallery

We have placed a selection of our most popular galleries below for you to use to start your journey through our images. For the latest collections and to see all of our images please visit the Gallery where you can order your picture as either a Download, Fine Art, Framed or Canvas Print.


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Prints & Finishes Available

All of the images on Framing the Planet are available to own with a variety of finishes. All images are printed to the highest standard available through our specialist print labs in the Australia, United States and Europe.


Our offering in the UK and EU

Prints in the UK and EU are available in either Euros or Pounds Sterling and are printed and shipped by our print partner One Vision Imaging. One Vision Imaging is one of the largest professional photo laboratories in the UK and Europe. For well over 30 years One Vision Imaging have been servicing professional photographers with the very highest standards of processing and finishing. Prints can include colour correction performed by trained colour Technicians.




One Vision Imaging uses Fujicolor Professional TYPE DP paper. The base support and silver halide crystal control technology work together to produce improved whiteness, highlight and shadow depth qualities, making this an all purpose colour print paper for the photofinisher.

You have a choice of Lustre, Gloss or Metallic paper finishes.

Metallic prints give a distinctive look to most portrait, wedding and commercial images. High saturated colour shots, black & white and sepia images are particularly effective. With its glossy finish and metallic appearance, it represents another dimension for creating images with exceptional interest and depth. Metallic paper adds stunning visual impact and a contemporary flair to your photography.

Prints are available in the following sizes: 8"x10", 10"x12", 11"x14", 12"x15" & 16"x20".


Fine Art Prints


Fine Art or 'Giclee' print, created using high quality printing techniques, achieved with a combination of state of the art inkjet heads placing the finest droplets of ink onto textured Fine Art grade paper.

Fine Art Prints are available in the following sizes: 8"x10" & 16"x20".


Framed Prints


OVI has been manufacturing frames for over 35 years. Their experience in this field is unrivaled and the quality of workmanship is unquestionable. You can choose from a large selection of frame styles and have your prints custom-framed for a professional and timeless presentation.

Please allow up to 5 working days for production.

◾Due to the nature of natural wood, some frames may vary slightly in colour and finish.
◾All frames are supplied glazed with high quality perspex. Shipping is via Courier service.
◾All framed prints are built to order so please allow up to 5 working days for production.
◾Up to three levels of mounts can be selected, each mount comes in a selection of colors.

Framed Prints are available in the following sizes: 10" x 8" Frame with a 10" x 8" Print, 12" x 10" Frame with a 10" x 8" Print, 12" x 10" Frame with a 12" x 10" Print, 20" x 16" Frame with a 20" x 16" Print & 24" x 20" Frame with a 20" x 16" Print.


Our offering in the US and Canada

Prints in the US and Canada are available in either US Dollars or Canadian Dollars and are printed and shipped by our print partner Mpix Lab.

Mpix Lab is an online division of Miller's Professional Imaging. Miller's was founded in 1939, and is the largest professional photography lab in the United States. The company has production facilities in Pittsburg, Kansas and Columbia, Missouri.

Mpix is an online digital imaging lab for both the professional photographer and the advanced amateur. This lab provides uncompromising quality of prints and services and is the top choice for photos requiring the absolute best in digital printing.




You have a choice of either Kodak Professional Portra Endura E-Surface, Kodak Metallic or Ilford True Digital B&W paper.

Kodak Endura E-Surface Color paper

Kodak Professional Portra Endura E-Surface paper is the most popular premium paper. Accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh tone reproduction, and brighter colors are just a few of the attributes describing this paper. You will see improved color saturation and excellent skin-tone reproduction as well as brighter blues, cyan, purples, and reds. The standard longevity is 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage.

Kodak Metallic paper

Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper offers a unique pearlescent surface that will make your images really pop. Flesh tones look natural, details are crisp and colors are beautifully saturated. Plus, it is resistant to tearing and curling without any additional lamination. This paper uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in striking three-dimensional images on an ultra-bright background. You really have to see this paper to appreciate it.

Ilford True Digital B&W paper

There is a difference between B&W and true digital B&W prints. The Ilford True Digital Black and White panchromatic, resin-coated paper is specifically designed for making continuous-tone B&W prints directly from digital images in digital exposing systems.

This paper provides excellent tone reproduction from digital camera files. Because the emulsion is silver-based rather than dye-based, the imaging performance and characteristics of this paper are the same as traditional B&W continuous-tone papers, which translates into neutral tonal characteristics offering good sharpness, display, and archival quality. One added benefit is that this resin paper is specially coated on the back to accept ink, making it a good surface for crop lines or writing notes.

Prints are available in the following sizes: 8"x10", 11"x14" & 16"x20".


Framed Prints


Choose from our large selection of frame styles and have your print custom-framed today!

◾Choose from no glass, regular glass and non-glare glass
◾Black and White Mats come in 2" width and are optional
◾Adding mat to a framed print increases the width and height by 4", for example, an 8" x 10" print that is framed and has a mat will end up being 12" x 14" plus the width of the frame ◾With mat, glass is required and mounting option is not available
◾With no mat, mounting is required and glass is optional

Framed Prints are available in the following sizes: 8"x10" & 16"x20".


Our offering in Australia and New Zealand

Prints in Australia and New Zealand are available in Australian Dollars and are printed and shipped by our print partner NuLab. Nulab was the first lab in Australia to launch digital printing and continues to provide the most automated digital workflow today. Printers include a high speed Lambda, Kodak Pegasus, multiple Kodak RP30 small format laser printers and a bank of inkjet printers–putting Nulab at the forefront of all digital technology, not only in Australia but also amongst the leaders in the world.  

Framed, Canvas, Fine Art & Premium Prints


Nulab prints on high quality papers. For photographs it uses Kodak Supra Endura VC and Kodak Super Endura VC Metallic Paper combined with a variety of the best inkjet materials on the market. Other substrates include canvas, acrylic, vinyl stick-on, foam PVC, and fine art paper.

Prints are available in the following sizes: 8"x10", 11"x14" & 16"x20".


The Photographer

I am professional photographer Chris Smith and this is the gallery showcasing my images from around the world. I have been lucky enough to visit places as diverse as Egypt and Dubai to Australia and the Maldives. I am a dedicated travel, nature and food photographer and I have brought together the very best images I have taken to share with you. They all represent places and subjects that I have a great passion for so I hope you enjoy being a part of my journey through these images.

My travel work is focused almost exclusively on urban and coastal photography and I specialise in evening and low light imagery. The magic twilight hour produces some of the most amazing photos, the vast range of colour available makes this my favourite time to produce photographic art. The coast has some stunning natural sunsets with the life and power of the ever changing water combined with the most dramatic landscape that can be found anywhere in the natural world. The urban environment has such a vast range of shapes and light that I really have a fantastic time creating some of the most interesting images you can find.


My nature images focus on macro photography, these photos are very highly focused close up images that can photograph very small subjects in ultra high detail. This involves a lot of patience and an ability to calmly look for hours to find your subject. This is the best part of my work, its very relaxing and the images it produces are stunning.

I am available to produce travel images from destinations around the world on commission for use in marketing and publications and all of my images on Framing The Planet are available under Rights Managed and Editorial commercial license. I also shoot product images on commission for businesses to use in their own marketing and I specialise in gas fire places, surrounds and stoves. Should you wish to contact me regarding any of these services please click here to visit our contact page.


Still Have Questions?

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